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"First Look" Sony MDR-ZX500 headphones unboxing

Mustafa Ansari : +hifiguy528 hey hifiguy are the Sony MDR zx500 ear pads the same as the zx700 can I buy earpads for zx700 for my zx500?????
Mustafa Ansari : No not really they are intended for vocals but the bass is ok not thumping though

I have these headphones fyi
Miggy : do these have as much bass as the xb700?
tlkid415 : What Sony headphones do you think are better and are also for mobile use at the same time?
moeflow : Haha i love you :D but one question: how thit you know the headband adjustment is smooth when you never tried it before you said it :DDDDDD

sony mdr zx500 headphone review

If you want a comparison between the zx500 and the zx700 check thank you

zx700 compared to xb700.

I have some other reviews as well so check them out. Thx for watching.
meelectronic sp51p
philips stretch headphone
Eddy Gont : even in Romania they are 38$...just bought them
abekim7 : that is true without a good source the headphone wont do anything for you. I have a ipod touch with the fiio e11 and lod l9. Works great although my computer is the best source
Luis Alberto Pinto Sanchez : I had at SONY store 30% discount, It was the last one, so I paid ot around $50.
You can hear a difference in the sound depending of the source of the music. I believe that if you listen music out of a phone then expensive headphones are useless unless someone wants to show off...
abekim7 : really no difference? I would assume the pioneer would be better in the bass department. also $85? thats a lot lol I wouldn't have bought at that price range. I think this headphones a steal if its around 30-40 other then that I would not recommend them.
Luis Alberto Pinto Sanchez : $35???
Fuck, they are about $85 at Sony store here in Hungary!!

mdr zx500 vs mdr zx700

This is a comparison between the mdr zx500 and the mdr zx700. Webcam on my laptops suck so sorry for the video quality.
Plz do comment and rate
mr_kerblammmmmo : you fail at using the word "more"
abekim7 : no but i do like their headphones.
STKY1985 : Thanks dude. Good review. Very helpful and you convinced me.
(You're not connected to sony in anyway right;))




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